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My name is Bennett Thomas Tun Win and I am the Founder and Creative Director of Bennett Win Creative, a media production agency based in Nashville, Tennessee focused on creating unique, branded content that delivers on the needs of businesses. I began my career as a freelancer in 2015 while pursuing my BS in Audio Engineering from Belmont University. Throughout my career I've worked in many corners of media. From a recording studio engineer on Music Row, to producing marketing campaign media that raised over $100,000 for small businesses, recording ADR for a Hollywood film, editing and designing motion graphics for a former Bachelorette contestant, to even running sound on a remote vacation island in the Caribbean (wait what?!) I eventually developed a wholistic passion for the production of media and entertainment.


Throughout all of these experiences I found the intersection of my skillset, interest, and community need right at photography and videography. Crafting compelling visuals that both tell stories and invoke emotions is my passion, and nothing is more exciting to me than working together with driven, talented people. 

Feel free to write me a message if you are looking to collaborate, connect, in search of creative resources, require media consultation, or if you just want to say hi! 

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